NBA MVP: The Closest Race in Years

I couldn’t have said it any better.
I’ve been meaning to write an article about the MVP race. And go in depth about the awesome seasons by Stephen Curry, James Harden and Russell Westbrook.

Chris Mannix from Sports Illustrated opined:  James Harden (Rockets).This was, in a word, excruciating. I have no issue with a vote cast for Stephen Curry. He’s the best player on the best team, and he’s the most impressive off-the-dribble player I’ve seen since Kobe Bryant was in his prime. At times, Warriors games look like a video game, with Curry toggled to All-Star and everyone else playing on rookie. He’s great. But this season, Harden was just a hair better. Houston’s injury woes put the kind of pressure on Harden that Curry wasn’t forced to face, and Harden delivered. He scored, rebounded and assisted, all while teams drew up entire game plans based on stopping him. Am I unfairly penalizing Curry for Golden State’s good health and wire-to-wire dominance? Maybe. But Harden’s ability to elevate Houston over adversity really resonated. Runners-up: Stephen Curry (Warriors), Russell Westbrook (Thunder), LeBron James (Cavaliers), Anthony Davis 

But the guys at Grantland said almost everything I could have tried to say.
And everything I couldn’t put in ink.
And even the ideas jumbled in my head that I couldn’t clearly extrapolate were brought to life better than I could have dared/ hoped/ attempted.
The key paragraph:”Curry and the loaded Warriors have been incredible at the top of the West, but Harden dragging this Rockets team to second place is more impressive. I don’t understand how anyone can pretend otherwise. It’s one thing to accept that Steph Curry will win MVP. But we all know Harden deserves it, right?”

James Harden is the MVP

Here ya go: